How to type in Chinese with minimum efforts

Well, there is a story behind this web-application for absolute beginners. I loved Chinese but when I had to type something, I always was in a panic. I was afraid that I could forget the pinyin and the keyboard input would fail.

It's easy to make a mistake, especially for a beginner, to look for 'zheng' instead of 'zhong' and you will get something senseless instead of inputting the right Chinese character.

So I decided to write a code to make Chinese typing not a mystery anymore. Everyone should be able to input Chinese characters without any special training, just looking at them!

How to type in Chinese in this new way?

Just look at the Chinese character and put together its parts, clicking the icons on the screen. If you see 'a cross' (十) in the character, you'll type in exactly the cross, because there could be no error as you can just see it.

Then, if you see 'a window' (田), type the icon and go on. Then click 'frowned eyebrows' 丷, and together you will get the final Chinese character meaning 'bill in a restaurant' 单.

Another example of typing in Chinese without knowing pinyin or counting the brush strokes

Well, how to type in Chinese a character that consists of 'a drum' (又) (it has another meaning, but it doesn't matter in this app), has something like '1' (亻), and 'an eye' (厶)? Type these icons on the screen and get the result that says 'smart, talented' (俊). This looks like a LEGO set that you've just built.

See the difference in this new way to type in Chinese? You don't have to know anything, except for one thing: put together simple puzzles (2-4 pieces) for each Chinese character, while looking at them carefully.

Have a nice new Chinese typing!